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10 on 10 | august

This past month we headed to Great Wold Lodge where I mainly focused on stepping back and marveling at just how big my biggest has become. I only captured a few short minutes of our fun because those water slides were calling my name, too! Plus I don’t think the middle was going to be patient about waiting to go on the slides any longer either! We couldn’t tear him or the biggest away. The littlest on the other hand, was not as wowed by the whole experience and wouldn’t dare to go any deeper than his knees.


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10 on 10 | july

Back in June, Tim’s grandma passed away, so we headed to North Carolina for a few days for her funeral. It was completely bittersweet. We got to gather with tons of family that we don’t get the chance to see. And we had the chance to run around and explore the barns and land. But it’s most likely the last time that my family will have a reason to be in that part of North Carolina and more specifically on that land. So I chose to document it. I documented my family exploring. I documented my boys playing with their cousins. I documented the land.


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June 10 on 10

As much as we love living in Kansas City, we don’t live anywhere close to family. As a result, date nights/days for Tim and I are few and far between and usually only happen during family visits. The last time we had a date was back in January. So it was pretty awesome that his boss gave us tickets to the Royals game while my parents happened to be in town! I decided to take a break from focusing on documenting the kids and turned my attention to capturing my date with the most awesome guy ever!


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a (pretty) ordinary year | week 20


134 of 366 | The penguins are one of his favorites. Also, it took two and a half years after the penguin house opened to finally time it when no one else was there for this shot.


135 of 366 | Saturday morning picking out the perfect birthday party gift.


136 of 366 |  Someone clearly did not want to be at Lowe’s anymore.


137 of 366 | Rinsed and ready.


138 of 366 | Grandma was in charge of the sink bath.


139 of 366 | We went to the Royals game for a date. Since it was our first date since January, it pretty much called for a selfie.



140 of 366 | Changing table series toddler style. I was lucky he waited until his diaper was on before he stood up.


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a (pretty) ordinary year | week 19


127 of 366 | The only reason we ended up here today is because I managed to kill a succulent.


128 of 366 | Saturday morning.


129 of 366 | Today our dishwasher is out of commission until we get some new parts for it. So he is learning to wash dishes.


130 of 366 | iPhone image of some napping toddler toes.


131 of 366 | Sometimes a simple snapshot is needed. Like getting to chaperone his first ever field trip. iPhone image.


132 of 366 | Nap time buddies. iPhone image.


133 of 366 | Breakfast. iPhone image.


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a (pretty) ordinary year | week 18


120 of 366 | This is what six and a half years old looks like.


121 of 366 | This was the only moment that the middle wasn’t running off and the biggest wasn’t trying to touch all of the plants. Probably because I finally gave up on actually trying to look around and told them we were going home. I’m definitely going to need to try again sans kids.


122 of 366 | He gained the confidence to really take off on his bike this weekend. I used it as an excuse to try out panning for the first time.


123 of 366 | The middle is now big enough to get on his preschool bus without help. And I’m left wondering how that happened.


124 of 366 | Sink bath details.


125 of 366 | May the fourth be with you. And be honest. You all knew this was coming, right?


126 of 366 | He felt hot while nursing. 102.


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