a (pretty) ordinary year | week 4


22 of 366 | For my changing table series. I almost want to have another to have a reason to keep this series going for several more years. Almost.


23 of 366 | Saturday morning.


24 of 366 | Give me all of the coffee.


25 of 366 | This pretty much sums up how he feels when we get out so I can shoot some street photography.


26 of 366 | He is officially tall enough to push the cart and to see where he’s going. Sort of.


27 of 366 | The sun finally came out again, so we headed to City Market for a photo walk to celebrate. And I’m in a second shot for the week!


28 of 366 | No matter how many times I watch my preschooler get on the bus, it will always be so incredibly adorable.


Now head on over to Julia Francesca Photography to check out her week! And keep following the blog circle around!



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