a (pretty) ordinary year | week 6


36 of 366 | It’s been a rough week with Tim working super long hours. He’s been leaving before the boys wake up and getting home after they are in bed. So for the sake of survival, the boys and I ordered pizza tonight. And the look on this dude’s face and his body language as we waited for the pizza pretty much says it all.


37 of 366 | A Saturday morning snack of raisins about ten minutes after breakfast. Naturally.


38 of 366 | Details.


39 of 366 | Sink bath with a toddler.


40 of 366 | Preschoolers kind of love hard. Oh, and the middle finally decided he would wear his monkey costume he picked out for Halloween 2014. That’s life with sensory issues for you.


41 of 366 | I took a shot like this almost a year ago. Those feet have graduated from baby feet to toddler feet. Also, he wasn’t much in the mood for a diaper change. iPhone image because I was super sick and I’m shocked I managed to take even one shot.


42 of 366 | I can pretty much count on this kid to find the light. And these are currently his favorite pants. He wants to wear them to the zoo one day to show the “pole bear.” Just a little fact that I want to write down so I’ll remember in the years to come.


Next up is Julia Francesca Photography!



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