a (pretty) ordinary year | week 8


50 of 366 | A trip to the tropics house at the zoo.


51 of 366 | Saturday morning errands.


52 of 366 | Balloon.


53 of 366 | Another Monday, another sink bath. Details edition.


54 of 366 | I gave him my phone during a diaper change to encourage him to be still. And then the sun came out when it wasn’t supposed to come out at all today. So I let him continue with his changing table selfies for this shot.


55 of 366 | When the broom is your most favorite thing in the history of ever.


56 of 366 | While I was distracted by my youngest that’s been sick, the middle helped himself to a Popsicle. I asked him to wash his hands, which led to this. I just had to laugh and snap a couple of shots.



Up next is Cynthia Berning Photography!


6 thoughts on “a (pretty) ordinary year | week 8

  1. I never washed my kids in the sink, but seeing your awesome picture kind of makes me wish I did (probably too late to cram them in there now haha!). Beautiful week – love the little sweeper.


  2. You know I love a good sink bath shot..and I’m pretty sure the color in your nursery is the same as our bathroom. Great week!


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