a (pretty) ordinary year | week 9


57 of 366 | The biggest had to stay home from school today because of a fever. But on a good note, these two are getting along today.


58 of 366 | Saturday morning mischief and yet another time both Tim and I were sternly telling them to get down as I quickly snapped a shot. But, these boys view these stairs as a challenge. And on the bright side, I managed to capture all three in the frame.


59 of 366 | The biggest wants to be just like Tim. Right down to the Earthbound inspired tattoo.


60 of 366 | He still hasn’t made it 24 hours fever free. But that light.


61 of 366 | After an urgent care trip last night, we found out he has pneumonia. We headed to Target this morning to pick up a few things to help him feel better. He told me that some new LEGOs would help. And I caved.


62 of 366 | Because why get everything you need in one trip when you can forget things and go back the very next day? Pretty much the story of my life. I mean, I forgot milk. Milk! Also, this is probably why it feels like Target gets all of our money.


63 of 366 | Channeling his inner Sith Lord. And, yes, I am now completely obsessed with this light we get in the hallway during the afternoon.


Next up is Cynthia Berning Photography!



4 thoughts on “a (pretty) ordinary year | week 9

  1. I love all of these. Darth Vader is amazing and I think the tattoo with daddy is just the sweetest. I am glad your guy is feeling better, I know that legos would help my boys feel better too. 🙂


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