a (pretty) ordinary year | week 11


71 of 366 | Despite the fact that we miss Nikita the polar bear since he moved to NC, we still start every single trip to the zoo with a visit to Berlin. She may not be as flashy as Nikita is, but the middle still loves seeing her just as much. And he’s figured out where his best vantage point is for a chance to spot her.


72 of 366 | Saturday morning.


73 of 366 | I may have woken him up and told him to throw on his hoodie and shoes for this.


74 of 366 | He has sensory issues and he hates being dirty. He gets OT to help him not have a sensory meltdown in response. Today he wanted to peel the cutie himself. And I captured the messy details. A victory.


75 of 366 | Today’s agenda included voting in the primaries and ice cream. But I may have arrived an hour before the ice cream place even opened. So we headed to the park instead. Still a successful day!


76 of 366 | The other day my speech delayed middle told me “Okay, I go get ice cream!” It is the longest sentence I have ever heard him say. So we celebrated with ice cream. Or rather fro-yo.


77 of 366 | LEGOs before school. And my spring time kitchen morning light is on it’s way back!!


Next up is Karen Osdieck Photography!


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