a (pretty) ordinary year | week 12


78 of 366 | Of course he did! He is very well known for sneaking treats.


79 of 366 | Saturday morning. We kicked off spring break with waffles, pajamas, and bed head. Although, I forgot about the waffles in the oven and they were hard as rocks, which is even more hilarious because I really do know how to cook. Oops.


80 of 366 | While waiting for lunch.


81 of 366 | Headed to Power Play as one of our spring break staycation activities. The boys are still young enough to be perfectly happy pretending to play the games. And we are perfectly happy to not spend all of the money!


82 of 366 | There is pretty much only one subject that can produce laughs like this around here.


83 of 366 | All three in the frame doing their thing. Exactly how I prefer it.


84 of 366 | A Storm Trooper at the art museum. Also know as an epic and confident six-year-old.


Next up is Julia Francesca Photography!


4 thoughts on “a (pretty) ordinary year | week 12

    1. Thanks Cindy! I’m starting to think it needs to be a series because I’m sure his days of wanting to dress up to go anywhere and everywhere are numbered!


  1. Love the bed head, and the art gallery! Plus my guys are cool with playing games without money too – it’s awesome while it lasts!


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