a (pretty) ordinary year | week 13


85 of 366 | Shadow play in the car’s headlights.


86 of 366 | Saturday morning coffee made by the biggest. I love that he still loves to make my coffee for me. I swear it makes it taste even better!


87 of 366 | It snowed Easter morning. And someone was extremely excited to experience the snow for the first time ever!


88 of 366 | We have moved on to the toddler version of the changing table portrait series.


89 of 366 | Human coloring book.


90 of 366 | He asked if he could read to me while I went through my morning routine. I love that he loves reading as much as I do.


91 of 366 | I got out to shoot some street photography today. And I happened upon this local shop getting ready for First Fridays. I asked if I could document him while he worked and he gave me the okay.


Next up is Karen Osdieck Photography!


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