April 10 on 10

This past month, I have been stuck in the house with lots of sickness being passed between the boys (pneumonia, flu, bronchitis, oh my!). I’ve been lacking some inspiration and wishing for a change of scenery. I figured that our spring break staycation would be just what I needed and this month’s 10 on 10 would be a story of all of the fun we had during the week. But every time I tried to select 10 images, it felt disjointed and mostly lacking the inspiration I thought this week would give me. It wasn’t until the last day of spring break that I found the inspiration I’ve been waiting for. Ironically, it came in the form of something that I see just about everyday: all of the reading positions my kindergartner cycles through for one book. Because it is one of those things that makes him so incredibly big and so incredibly little at the same time. Those are the moments I find myself desperately holding onto as of late.


Next up is Holly Nicole Photography!


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