a (pretty) ordinary year | week 15


99 of 366 | Practicing without training wheels before school.


100 of 366 | Dimples and a haircut.


101 of 366 | They were playing pirates and their ship was sinking. But luckily they found a new ship before they ended up in the water because they couldn’t swim. I’m just glad they can navigate the high seas together!


102 of 366 | He made waiting for my car to be inspected a whole lot cuter. And busier. Definitely busier.


103 of 366 | Sometimes I see some light that I really, really want to use, so I ask him to stand in it in exchange for a few marbles to go towards new LEGO sets. This was one of those times. It was worth it.

103-366 (2)

104 of 366 | Morning kitchen light and shadows. Because light makes everything pretty.


105 of 366 | It was his first time seeing the Star Wars wall.


Next up is Cynthia Berning Photography!



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