a (pretty) ordinary year | week 16


106 of 366 | He was oblivious to the monkey getting on the glass above him. I tried to tell him, but that just caused him to run off to visit other monkeys.


107 of 366 | Saturday morning framed by a touch of a preschool belly. So I didn’t dare crop that out.


108 of 366 | He found the measuring tape and started measuring everything.


109 of 366 | Waiting for the bus on a rainy day.


110 of 366 | On his last day of being one, he found a puddle and splashed until he had the cutest little dirty bum.


111 of 366 | He turned two. And he celebrated by riding around in the cozy coupe with only one boot on. You pretty much can’t get anymore toddler-like than that!


112 of 366 | Escalator rides rank pretty high for the entertainment factor over here.


Next up is Julia Francesca Photography!



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