a (pretty) ordinary year| week 17


113 of 366 | Everyday he asks if we can go to the zoo. I love when I get to say “yes!” He talks a lot more at the zoo. And today he helped me feed the lorikeets, which is something he’s always been too scared to try before. And he did great! So even though we were there only a week ago, I’m so, so glad I said “yes.”


114 of 366 | Saturday morning light and chores. He now says he’s saving for a Rubik’s cube.


115 of 366 | Tim recharged my car’s AC this afternoon, so D had the job of official “is the air blowing out getting any colder” tester. He rocked his job!


116 of 366 | He started uncontrollably giggling when we got in the car after Target. Thank goodness I had my camera with me!


117 of 366 | I’d like to say that he got as excited as I did when the sun peeked through the clouds, but he really just saw a plane.


118 of 366 | We had more Midwest worthy storms today, so we had more puddle splashing.


119 of 366 | We visited a dinosaur today. And I got all three in the frame. So we all pretty much struck gold!


Next up is Julia Francesca Photography!



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