a (pretty) ordinary year | week 18


120 of 366 | This is what six and a half years old looks like.


121 of 366 | This was the only moment that the middle wasn’t running off and the biggest wasn’t trying to touch all of the plants. Probably because I finally gave up on actually trying to look around and told them we were going home. I’m definitely going to need to try again sans kids.


122 of 366 | He gained the confidence to really take off on his bike this weekend. I used it as an excuse to try out panning for the first time.


123 of 366 | The middle is now big enough to get on his preschool bus without help. And I’m left wondering how that happened.


124 of 366 | Sink bath details.


125 of 366 | May the fourth be with you. And be honest. You all knew this was coming, right?


126 of 366 | He felt hot while nursing. 102.


Next up is Karen Osdieck Photography!



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