a (pretty) ordinary year | week 21


141 of 366 | Last day of kindergarten.


142 of 366 | Pretty much the coolest puzzle I’ve ever seen.


143 of 366 | Framed by the leaves.


144 of 366 | Talking and talking and oblivious as another storm rolled in.


145 of 366 | Dripping ice cream cone.


146 of 366 | He can reach now.


147 of 366 | Hosing off.


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a (pretty) ordinary year | week 20


134 of 366 | The penguins are one of his favorites. Also, it took two and a half years after the penguin house opened to finally time it when no one else was there for this shot.


135 of 366 | Saturday morning picking out the perfect birthday party gift.


136 of 366 |  Someone clearly did not want to be at Lowe’s anymore.


137 of 366 | Rinsed and ready.


138 of 366 | Grandma was in charge of the sink bath.


139 of 366 | We went to the Royals game for a date. Since it was our first date since January, it pretty much called for a selfie.



140 of 366 | Changing table series toddler style. I was lucky he waited until his diaper was on before he stood up.


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a (pretty) ordinary year | week 19


127 of 366 | The only reason we ended up here today is because I managed to kill a succulent.


128 of 366 | Saturday morning.


129 of 366 | Today our dishwasher is out of commission until we get some new parts for it. So he is learning to wash dishes.


130 of 366 | iPhone image of some napping toddler toes.


131 of 366 | Sometimes a simple snapshot is needed. Like getting to chaperone his first ever field trip. iPhone image.


132 of 366 | Nap time buddies. iPhone image.


133 of 366 | Breakfast. iPhone image.


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a (pretty) ordinary year | week 18


120 of 366 | This is what six and a half years old looks like.


121 of 366 | This was the only moment that the middle wasn’t running off and the biggest wasn’t trying to touch all of the plants. Probably because I finally gave up on actually trying to look around and told them we were going home. I’m definitely going to need to try again sans kids.


122 of 366 | He gained the confidence to really take off on his bike this weekend. I used it as an excuse to try out panning for the first time.


123 of 366 | The middle is now big enough to get on his preschool bus without help. And I’m left wondering how that happened.


124 of 366 | Sink bath details.


125 of 366 | May the fourth be with you. And be honest. You all knew this was coming, right?


126 of 366 | He felt hot while nursing. 102.


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a (pretty) ordinary year | week 15


99 of 366 | Practicing without training wheels before school.


100 of 366 | Dimples and a haircut.


101 of 366 | They were playing pirates and their ship was sinking. But luckily they found a new ship before they ended up in the water because they couldn’t swim. I’m just glad they can navigate the high seas together!


102 of 366 | He made waiting for my car to be inspected a whole lot cuter. And busier. Definitely busier.


103 of 366 | Sometimes I see some light that I really, really want to use, so I ask him to stand in it in exchange for a few marbles to go towards new LEGO sets. This was one of those times. It was worth it.

103-366 (2)

104 of 366 | Morning kitchen light and shadows. Because light makes everything pretty.


105 of 366 | It was his first time seeing the Star Wars wall.


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a (pretty) ordinary year | week 14


92 of 366 | Hot doughnuts now.


93 of 366 | He fell asleep. I chose to keep rocking him so I could soak up just a little bit more of his littleness.


94 of 366 | I woke up to a lot of noise in the kitchen and came out to find them unloading the dishwasher. It had to be captured.


95 of 366 | Breakfast and newly discovered light.


96 of 366 | Some unexpected light and shadows that I found in a parking garage of all places.


97 of 366 | Waiting for the bus.


98 of 366 | He informed me that he can read in his head now. He at least still called me mommy, though.


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a (pretty) ordinary year | week 13


85 of 366 | Shadow play in the car’s headlights.


86 of 366 | Saturday morning coffee made by the biggest. I love that he still loves to make my coffee for me. I swear it makes it taste even better!


87 of 366 | It snowed Easter morning. And someone was extremely excited to experience the snow for the first time ever!


88 of 366 | We have moved on to the toddler version of the changing table portrait series.


89 of 366 | Human coloring book.


90 of 366 | He asked if he could read to me while I went through my morning routine. I love that he loves reading as much as I do.


91 of 366 | I got out to shoot some street photography today. And I happened upon this local shop getting ready for First Fridays. I asked if I could document him while he worked and he gave me the okay.


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a (pretty) ordinary year | week 12


78 of 366 | Of course he did! He is very well known for sneaking treats.


79 of 366 | Saturday morning. We kicked off spring break with waffles, pajamas, and bed head. Although, I forgot about the waffles in the oven and they were hard as rocks, which is even more hilarious because I really do know how to cook. Oops.


80 of 366 | While waiting for lunch.


81 of 366 | Headed to Power Play as one of our spring break staycation activities. The boys are still young enough to be perfectly happy pretending to play the games. And we are perfectly happy to not spend all of the money!


82 of 366 | There is pretty much only one subject that can produce laughs like this around here.


83 of 366 | All three in the frame doing their thing. Exactly how I prefer it.


84 of 366 | A Storm Trooper at the art museum. Also know as an epic and confident six-year-old.


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a (pretty) ordinary year | week 11


71 of 366 | Despite the fact that we miss Nikita the polar bear since he moved to NC, we still start every single trip to the zoo with a visit to Berlin. She may not be as flashy as Nikita is, but the middle still loves seeing her just as much. And he’s figured out where his best vantage point is for a chance to spot her.


72 of 366 | Saturday morning.


73 of 366 | I may have woken him up and told him to throw on his hoodie and shoes for this.


74 of 366 | He has sensory issues and he hates being dirty. He gets OT to help him not have a sensory meltdown in response. Today he wanted to peel the cutie himself. And I captured the messy details. A victory.


75 of 366 | Today’s agenda included voting in the primaries and ice cream. But I may have arrived an hour before the ice cream place even opened. So we headed to the park instead. Still a successful day!


76 of 366 | The other day my speech delayed middle told me “Okay, I go get ice cream!” It is the longest sentence I have ever heard him say. So we celebrated with ice cream. Or rather fro-yo.


77 of 366 | LEGOs before school. And my spring time kitchen morning light is on it’s way back!!


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a (pretty) ordinary year | week 10


64 of 366 | This dude turns four in five days. So we bought some balloons to kick off celebrating. He popped all of them within an hour. Oh, and polar bear came along to help pick out the balloons.


65 of 366 | He started running a fever. Again. He fell asleep as I was getting him dressed after a diaper change. And I really liked the light. But don’t be deceived because I’m still kind of over this whole sick thing.


66 of 366 | Some friends from church have chickens and we got some eggs from them. We had only one casualty while cleaning them.



67 of 366 | The look he gave me as some dark clouds began to roll in.


68 of 366 | He had yogurt for lunch. He made a huge mess. He had another sink bath.


69 of 366 | Today is the middle’s fourth birthday, but we didn’t get the chance to celebrate. For the second time in a week and a half, we had to take a kid to urgent care. He was on day five of running a fever, so we thought he might have pneumonia like the biggest did. Nope, not pneumonia. The flu. We are so done with being sick.


70 of 366 | Reaching for the remote and the changing angles of light. And our ever present fireplace baby proofing TV box because it fits perfectly.


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