a (pretty) ordinary year | week 4


22 of 366 | For my changing table series. I almost want to have another to have a reason to keep this series going for several more years. Almost.


23 of 366 | Saturday morning.


24 of 366 | Give me all of the coffee.


25 of 366 | This pretty much sums up how he feels when we get out so I can shoot some street photography.


26 of 366 | He is officially tall enough to push the cart and to see where he’s going. Sort of.


27 of 366 | The sun finally came out again, so we headed to City Market for a photo walk to celebrate. And I’m in a second shot for the week!


28 of 366 | No matter how many times I watch my preschooler get on the bus, it will always be so incredibly adorable.


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a (pretty) ordinary year | week 3



Even on days that I really don’t feel much like shooting (i.e. super cloudy, bump the ISO to 4000 days), I am committed to slowing down and finding the beauty in our everyday lives somewhere. That is what I love most about this project. Because these are those ordinary moments that are sadly going to fade from my memory before I know it. But I now have a record of it.

15 of 366 | Frozen yogurt after the library. Don’t tell the biggest we went without him.



16 of 366 | Saturday morning.


17 of 366 | Alone time.


18 of 366 | “Hey, Mommy! I’m super strong because I’m six, so I can do this now!”



19 of 366 | Elbow dimples because they won’t be here forever.


20 of 366 | Waiting for the biggest to get home from school.


21 of 366 | Caught exploring.


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